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BAP Auditor Announcements

Special Auditor Training Course Scheduled for Puerto Montt

BAP Adds Bureau Veritas To Auditing Team

Ecuador To Host Next BAP Auditor Training Course

BAP Auditor Course Set For Bali In May

BAP Certification Updates

MoU With Saudi Arabia Sets BAP As National Standard

Milestone Reached With 1,000th BAP-Certified Facility

BAP Mollusk Farm Standards Available For Public Comment

Marine Harvest Canada First To Complete BAP Group Farm Pilot

GAA’s BAP Division Highlights Program Integrity

BAP Plant Standards Strengthened With Issue 4 Release

World’s First Hatchery Enrolls In iBAP Program

BAP Program Hits Milestone With 800th Certified Facility

Asia’s First Aquaculture Operation Enrolls In iBAP Program

BAP Program Experiences Robust Growth In 2013

BAP Adds Food Certification International To Auditing Team

BAP Mussel Farm Standards Completed

New BAP Multi-Species Farm Standards Completed

BAP To Undergo GSSI Pilot Testing Program

Vietnam BAP Farmed Pangasius Equivalent to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® ‘Good Alternative’

BAP Farmed Shrimp Equivalent to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® ‘Good Alternative’

BAP Processing Standards Benchmarked Against GFSI

New BAP Hatchery Standards Completed

For BAP Program, A Year Of Growth, Accomplishments, Milestones

New iBAP Program To Advance Responsible Aquaculture

BAP Registered Buyers & Market Endorsers

WinCo Foods Commits To Four-Star BAP By 2018

Bidvest Partners With Best Aquaculture Practices

Brakes’ Sustainability Pledge Includes Four-Star BAP Seafood

M&J Seafood, Part of the Fresh Direct Group, Commits to BAP as Part of Wider Sustainability Platform

Latin American Wholesaler Backs BAP Certification Program

GAA Partners with IFFO, Lyons, Morrisons to Address Social Responsibility

Long John Silver’s Endorses BAP Certification Program

GAA Signs MoU With Prominent Chinese Foodservice Provider


First Middle East Aquaculture Operation Earns BAP Certification

Second Barramundi Farm Earns BAP Certification


Largest U.S. Catfish Processor Earns BAP Certification For Live Fish Plant

Feed Mills

Feed Mill Is First In Indonesia To Earn BAP Certification

Vitapro Is Peru’s First BAP-Certified Feed Mill

Ecuador’s First Feed Mill Earns BAP Certification

First Central American Feed Mills Earn BAP Certification

Full-line Seafood Distributor Certification

Canada’s First Full-Line Seafood Distributor Attains BAP Certification


Chilean Outfit Is World’s First Two-Star BAP Mussel Group

BAP For Chile’s First Mussel Processing Plant

World’s Second Mussel Farm Earns BAP Certification

Newfoundland Mussel Processing Plant Earns BAP Certification

First Mussel Processing Plant Attains BAP Certification

First Mussel Farm Earns BAP Certification


Vietnam’s NTSF Seafoods First To Offer Three-Star Pangasius


Chinese Processor First To Offer One-Star Pompano


Chilean Farms First To Complete Multi-Site Zone Cluster Program

Petuna Is World’s First BAP-Certified Multi-Species Hatchery

Chile’s Multiexport Foods Eligible To Offer Three-Star BAP

Patagonia Seafarms Is Chile’s First To Offer Four-Star BAP Salmon

Four-Star BAP Status for True North Salmon

Four-Star BAP Status Awarded To Marine Harvest Canada

Northern Harvest Is First Salmon Company To Obtain Four-Star BAP Status

Another Australian Salmon Farm Nets BAP Certification

Europe’s First Salmon Farms Earn BAP Certification

True North Salmon Now Offering BAP, Three-Star Certified Salmon

Mainstream Canada, Skuna Bay Approved To Offer Three-Star Salmon

Australia’s First Processing Plant Earns BAP Certification

Acuinova Chile Earns BAP Certification

Chile’s Nova Austral Attains BAP Certification

Skuna Bay Salmon Processor Attains BAP Certification

Marine Harvest Canada Earns Three-Star BAP Certification

Chile’s Blumar Earns Three-Star BAP Certification

Chile’s Multiexport Foods Earns Two-Star BAP Certification

Norway Plant Earns First BAP Salmon-Processing Certification in Europe


Vietnamese Shrimp Farms First To Earn BAP Group Certification

Four-Star BAP Shrimp Is First For Latin America

India’s Fourth Group Attains Four-Star BAP Status

Four-Star BAP Status For India’s Third Group

India’s Second Company Attains Four-Star BAP Status

Four-Star BAP Group Is First For India

First Middle East Aquaculture Operation Earns BAP Certification

Fourth Vietnamese Company Achieves Four-Star BAP Status

Belize Aquaculture Approved to Offer Three-Star Shrimp


MoU To Boost Availability Of Four-Star BAP Tilapia

Availability Of Three-, Four-Star BAP Tilapia From China To Increase

Mexico’s First Tilapia Farm Earns BAP Certification

Europe’s First Tilapia Farm Earns BAP Certification

First Honduras Tilapia Plant Earns BAP Certification

BAP Celebrates Second Anniversary Of Tilapia Certification


Petuna Earns BAP Certification For Ocean Trout Farm

World’s Largest Rainbow Trout Producer Earns BAP Certification

First Rainbow Trout Processor Earns BAP Certification

First U.S. Steelhead Trout Farm Achieves BAP Certification