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Initiate, Interface, Incentivize, Innovate, Improve… A Path To BAP Certification

The iBAP program is a precursor to Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. It’s an opportunity for aquaculture facilities to be recognized by the marketplace as they improve their practices. The iBAP program provides the encouragement and incentive necessary to apply for BAP certification. Facilities that enroll in the iBAP program receive the technical support required to apply for BAP certification and agree to a step-by-step, deadline-driven plan. As less than 10% of global aquaculture production is currently third-party certified, the iBAP program opens doors for retail, restaurant and hospitality chains to source more responsibly farmed seafood.

The iBAP program is open to the entire aquaculture supply chain, including farms, processing plants, hatcheries and feed mills. Facilities can apply directly or through organizations acting on their behalf, such as a processor or buyer. IDH’s Farmers in Transition (FIT) Fund can provide financial support to facilities enrolled in the iBAP program.

Interested in applying? Email Or view a list of existing iBAP facilities.

 “The message is strong: Sign up with iBAP, and your product can be supplied to a greater range of customers wishing to support the development of responsible aquaculture. If a facility benefits, then it is more likely to make improvements on the ground and move into certification.”

— GAA Development Director Iain Shone