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Why Certify With BAP?

Seafood buyers and suppliers globally prefer to source seafood from third-party-certified facilities for a variety of environmentally and socially responsible policy reasons. What makes the Best Aquaculture Practices program stand out are its comprehensive standards and influential network of seafood buyer and supplier endorsers.

Our work with foodservice, institutional and particularly retail buyers has shown us that they want the “one-stop shop” that BAP provides — not an approach of having to patch together various certification programs that cover only a portion of what the comprehensive BAP standards offer:

What Leading Retailers Say About BAP

Laky Zervudachi“The BAP program offers the highest level of trust necessary, in terms of environmental, social, ethical and food-safety impacts, to satisfy the growing requirements of ethically produced aquaculture.”

— Laky Zervudachi, Direct Seafoods

Lee French“We believe that the BAP standards are the best and, in fact, we use it for our own private-label products.”

—  Lee French, Price Chopper Supermarkets

Huw Thomas“Through the use of BAP, we are able to demonstrate with confidence to our customers and stakeholders the credentials in our seafood supply chains.”

— Huw Thomas, Morrisons

Scott Williams“We absolutely support and look for BAP as the primary certification for aquaculture.”

— Scott C. Williams, B.J.’s Wholesale Club

Carl Salamone“The first question asked of any prospective new supplier is, ‘Are you BAP certified to a minimum of two stars?’”

— Carl Salamone, Wegmans Food Markets