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Registered Buyers

The BAP Registered Buyer Program recognizes those buyers who demonstrate support for responsibly produced and processed aquaculture products. As buyers enter this BAP program, their status is listed below. For information on participating in the buyer program, contact the BAP office.

B10046 The Fishin' Co.1-Jan-15
Seattle, Washington, USA 
B10045 Mahalo Seafood LLC19-Aug-14
Phoenix, Arizona, USA 
B10044 Star Agro Marine, Inc.14-Aug-15
Pasadena, California, USA 
B10043 Tampa Maid Foods LLC10-May-15
Lakeland, Florida, USA 
B10042 DNI Group, LLC31-Jan-15
Novato, California, USA
B10041 Orca Bay Seafoods, Inc.18-Oct-15
Renton, Washington, USA
B10039Direct Source Seafood20-Apr-15
Bellevue, Washington, USA 
B10038Seattle Shrimp & Seafood Co.26-Mar-15
Seattle, Washington, USA 
B10037Slade Gorton & Co. Inc.23-Dec-14
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
B10036Channel Fish Processing Co., Inc.7-Jan-15
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
B10034National Fish and Seafood, Inc.29-Feb-15
Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
B10033Sea Port Products Corp.9-Sep-14
Kirkland, Washington, USA
B10032Gorton's Seafood6-Jul-15
Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA //
Bluewater Seafoods
Montreal, Canada  
B10031Odyssey Enterprises, Inc.2-Feb-15
Seattle, Washington, USA
B10030Ore-Cal Corp.2-Feb-15
Los Angeles, California, USA 
B10029Quirch Foods1-Jan-15
Miami, Florida, USA
B10028Seacore Seafood Inc.25-Jul-15
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
B10024Hai Yang International, Inc.8-Oct-14
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
B10023Great American Seafood Imports Co.4-Sep-14
Los Angeles, California, USA 
B10022Maloney Seafood Corp.3-Sep-14
Quincy, Massachusetts, USA 
B10021International Marketing Specialists, Inc.9-Sep-14
West Newton, Massachusetts, USA     
B10018Export Packers Co. Ltd.4-Sep-14
Brampton, Ontario, Canada