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Logo Usage, Brand Identity & Product Claims

BAP-PFHM - Blue Back

The “Best Aquaculture Practices Certified” mark on packaging for seafood means the facilities that raised and/or processed the seafood adhere to the Best Aquaculture Practices standards for responsible aquaculture. In conformance with norms for food safety certification programs that meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative Guidance Document v. 6, the use of the BAP logo does not signify that products from certified facilities meet specific food-safety criteria.

BAP-certified farms, feed mills, hatcheries and processing plants apply practices that minimize environmental impacts, respect workers’ rights and produce wholesome products.

The BAP mark currently appears on packaging for a variety of frozen and prepared finfish and crustacean species. The design for the mark (“New BAP Mark”) is shown to the right. Some packaging containing seafood from BAP-certified facilities may also use the “Old BAP Mark,” as shown.

The current mark includes one to four stars, which reflect the level of program participation. The certification number indicates where the product was processed. Click for a full listing of BAP-certified processing plants.

The guidelines for use of the BAP certification mark allow variations in size and location on packaging. The most common appearance (not to scale) is shown.

The BAP logo usage, brand identity and product claim guidelines are designed to ensure that the BAP logo is being used appropriately and that any claims associated with GAA or BAP are portrayed in an accurate manner. Download here:

BAP Logo Use Guide

For approval to use the BAP logo, or for any questions about the BAP logo usage and brand identity guidelines, please email

For BAP marketing resources, visit GAA’s marketing toolkit.