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Prospective CB Information

Certification bodies desiring to apply for recognition to audit against one or more of the Best Aquaculture Practices standards should review the three documents below. Applicants that determine they can meet the requirements are invited to follow the instructions and submit a registration form.

Initial Criteria, Review/Approval Process for CB Applicants
CB Requirements
New CB Registration Form
GAA BAP Auditor Competency & Course Approval Requirements

Initial Criteria, Application Process for CB Applicants

I. Information Submission

All information must be submitted in English.

II. Registration

A. As a prerequisite, only certification bodies that are already accredited under ISO/IEC Guide 65 by an accreditation body that is an IAF member and MLA signatory to another internationally recognized scheme may apply for initial BAP recognition.

B. Certification bodies seeking approval to audit against one or more of the BAP standards must complete the registration form, available online.

C. After receiving a properly completed registration, BAP will send the applicant documents describing the requirements and fees, including:

  1. CB application
  2. BAP auditor competency and course approval requirements
  3. CB requirements
  4. Additional process documents.

III. Prior to Application — Self-Assessment

Prior to submitting an application, CBs must carefully study all information provided and perform a self-assessment to determine if all competency and resource requirements are fully met. The requirements include:

A. Seafood and aquaculture expertise and competency.

B. Sufficient numbers of auditors in appropriate locations who have the proper experience and audit competencies to conduct BAP audits.

C. Sufficient numbers of CB staff with seafood, aquaculture and audit competency in appropriate locations to properly manage certifications under BAP.

D. Sufficient auditor and CB personnel and resources to ensure the integrity of audits, shadow and witness requirements, audit report and corrective action technical review accuracy, and timeliness.

E. Proper resources to ensure auditor training and calibration requirements are met in a timely fashion.

F. Adherence to time frames for completion and enforcement of the certification process with CB personnel and auditors, including subcontracted auditors.

G. Management commitment to the integrity of the BAP scheme and sufficient responsiveness to clients and BAP.

H. Timely and adequate correction of deficiencies, if and when they occur.

I. Proper organizational structure for all offices involved in BAP audits and certification decisions to manage the program and ensure accreditation requirements are met within specified time frames.

IV. Application

Once applicants determine through self-assessment that the basic requirements have been met:

A. Complete the application in its entirety.

B. Prepare supporting documentation as stipulated in the application. This will include but is not limited to:

  1. Organizational chart(s)
  2. Copy/copies of accreditation certificate(s) under ISO/IEC Guide 65 (including scope) for each CB office seeking BAP recognition
  3. A copy of a valid liability/indemnity insurance certificate with a value of at least U.S. $2,000,000
  4. Procedure for ensuring impartiality and prevention of conflict of interest among CB personnel
  5. Procedure for ensuring impartiality and prevention of conflict of interest among auditors and sub-contract auditors
  6. Details for all offices of the applicant CB that would be involved in the BAP program
  7. Details for the designated person or persons who are key points of contact for the BAP program at each CB office
  8. Locations, numbers and competency of CB personnel
  9. Locations, numbers and competency of auditors, including sub-contracted auditors
  10. Procedures for auditor and subcontracted auditor training, oversight and performance tracking
  11. Procedures for CB technical review of audit reports, non-conformities and corrective action evidence
  12. Procedures for making certification decisions
  13. Information on which offices would apply for extension of the scope of their existing ISO/IEC Guide 65 accreditation to include the relevant BAP standards and the names of the intended accreditation bodies. Every CB applicant office involved in auditing and certification under BAP must be included as part of the scope of accreditation by a BAP-recognized accreditation body.

C. Submit all required forms and documents to BAP management along with the application fee of U.S. $4,000.